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Tarot Party!

Fun yet personal tarot readings for everyone at your party or special event. Includes a optional showcase reading for the host or special couple, for everyone to hear and enjoy. More Info.


John William Waterhouse - Pandora

About Potionwood

Welcome to Potionwood; a witchcraft parlor specializing in unique solutions for your every wish. Tarot readings & Astrology consultations for the inquisitive; spells, potions, and charms for the resolute; and the magick of witchcraft for any desire you yearn for.

At Potionwood only the finest techniques, ingredients, methods, and practices are utilized. Using methods both ancient and refined, as well as modern and potent, your wishes are aided into manifestation. Spirits utter words of the wise upon the wind, the Dead whisper their gnosis through the cracks, and the essence of the Gods is beseeched, harnessed, and reified.

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